The project Strengthening capacities of nurses – front line healthcare workers during the COVID-19 response; “Strong nurses for strong health systems and a healthier world” wasprepared and is being implemented by SEEHN. CEI is financing this project under their  know-how exchange programme within the COVID-19 Extraordinary Call for Proposals.

The following SEEHN Member States are included in the implementation (Republic of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Republic of North Macedonia, Republic of Moldova and Republic of Serbia).

The implementation period is July 2020 – December 2020 (extended until February 2021).

The project will be implemented through the Ministries of Health from each of the beneficiary Member State in partnership with the Associations of Nurses and other relevant national stakeholders.

The specific objective of the project is to strengthen the capacities of primary health care nurses in selected SEEHN Member States by developing and organizing online trainings on COVID-19 emergency response that strengthen the prevention, promotion and advocacy work of the nurses.

The project activities are focused on:

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to better COVID-19 response and other related emergency responses in the selected SEEHN member states.

  • Mapping and identifying the training modules the Emergency training;
  • Development of training modules and Program for the training;
  • Organization of online Webinars on COVID-19, that includes prevention, promotion and advocacy work/protection protocol for PHC nurses;
  • Translation of training materials and project visibility insurance.